Upcoming June Events

We are delighted to be rubbing elbows with our friends at the Mother Earth News Fair, the Native Plants in the Landscape Conference, and the Summer Solstice Faerie Festival in June!

You can stop by our booths to purchase plants, say hello, or learn what we’re up to. Nothing would make us happier than meet you face to face and chat with you there!

At the Mother Earth News Fair, they will be having sustainability expert speakers, workshops, and of course, exhibitors like ourselves.

If you’re looking for inspirational field trips, educational workshops, engaging topics of concern, and native plant merchandise then the Native Plants in the Landscape Conference is the event for you.

The Summer Solstice Faerie Festival will feature live music, maypole dancing, faerie and gnome village tours, vendors, and many other whimsical events!

Details for the local (Maryland) events:

June 1 and 2

Mother Earth News Fair

The Frederick Fairgrounds

Saturday: 9a-6p

Sunday: 9a-5p

June 5 through 8

Native Plants in the Landscape Conference

Millersville University in Millersville, PA

June 22 and 23

Summer Solstice Faerie Festival

Marshy Point Nature Center

Saturday & Sunday: 10a-5p

We can’t wait to see you there!

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