Prairie Smoke

Geum triflorum


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Key Features

6 - 18"

Container Size


Bloom Time

April, May, June

Bloom Color

Pink, Purple, Red

Soil Moisture

Dry, Medium

Soil Type

Sandy to loamy; well-drained

Hardiness Zone

3, 4, 5, 6

Light Requirements

Full sun

  • Description

    Prairie Smoke (Geum triflorum) is a short, mat-forming perennial that grows naturally in dry open woods, prairies, open slopes, and mountain meadows. Each stem usually produces 3 reddish-purple, bell-shaped flowers (although sometimes it can be 1 to 7) that hang upside down. Once fertilized, the flowers turn upward and plumes bearing seeds begin to grow, giving Prairie Smoke its smoky appearance. These plumes can be carried off by the wind or a passing animal, dispersing the seeds. The leaves resemble fern fronds, and in early spring they lie flat to the ground, becoming more upright with warmer weather. The leaves can be evergreen in areas without sever cold or with protective snow cover, though they often turn purple, orange, or reddish. Prairie Smoke is often used as an ornamental groundcover in native gardens and in rock gardens. Its drought tolerance also makes it an ideal candidate for green roof plantings.

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