Moss Phlox

Phlox subulata


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Key Features


Container Size


Bloom Time

March, April, May

Bloom Color

Pink, Purple, Red, Violet

Soil Moisture


Soil Type

Well drained; prefers humus-rich.

Hardiness Zone

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Light Requirements

Full sun

Other Common Names

moss pink, mountain phlox , creeping phlox

  • Description

    Moss Phlox (Phlox subulata) is a spreading, sun-loving, evergreen to semi-evergreen phlox that only grows up to 6 inches tall but spreads up to two feet. It is noted for this creeping, moss-like appearance and growth habit and its profuse carpet of butterfly attracting early-spring flowers. It’s best grown in medium moisture, well-drained soils but will tolerate drought as well as deer, erosion, and air pollution. It prefers somewhat dry, rocky, or sandy places, open woodland areas and slopes. They are quite attractive to butterflies and other insect pollinators, and a good source of early-season nectar, making it a lovely addition to any garden. Common uses of moss phlox are rock gardens (as it will naturally drape nicely over the edges of rock walls), edgings, foundations or as a ground cover. It is especially valued in sunny areas of woodland gardens, slopes, native plant gardens or naturalized areas.

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